Whelped 11th April 1998
Sire:  Aust Gr Ch Hanafor Master Callaway
Dam:  Aust Ch Hanafor Red Red Rose

All Breeds Best In Show & Best In Specialty Show Winner
Multiple All Breeds Runner Up Best In Show Winner
Darwin Royal 1999 (BOB) 
Perth Royal 2000 (BOB)
Melbourne Royal 2001(BOB) 
Launceston Royal 2001(RUBOB)
Brisbane Royal 2002 (BOB) 
Adelaide Royal 2002 (BOB)
Melbourne Royal 2002 (RUBOB) 

Cooper was purchased as a pet and at 7 months of age he entered the show ring and won his first challenge.  9 months later he achieved his Australian Championship Title and at 3 years and 4 months of age he attained his Grand Championship Title.  Not bad for a pet!

Cooper sadly passed away at 13 years and 1 month on the 16th May 2011 - Rest in Peace "Sooper Dooper Cooper"